New Mode of Laser Cruise, Super Clean New experience: Proscenic LDS M6 sweeping Robots

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It is said that technology changes life, with the rapid development of the Internet, as well as the popularity of a variety of intelligent products, not only make our lives faster and faster, but also let us more and more enjoy the convenience of life brought by science and technology. In recent years, the cleanness of intelligent household appliances, can be described as new products are constantly emerging, in particular, such as sweeper robot electrical products, joined the intelligent people are also more and more sought after, WIFI blessing and planning of the cleaning model; Instead of the silly sweeping operation of the traditional sweeping robot, the new technology has enabled the intelligent sweeping robot not only to have a powerful brain, but also to open a new era of double-location laser cruising. This is the experience product of today-the new Pusanick iteration dual location sweeping robot LDS M6 (hereinafter referred to as: Pursanik LDS M6), a more intelligent and more accurate epoch-making products. The following with the author’s experience to see the sweeping robot in the new technology under the blessing of the changes!

First, open the box to show

Friends said that can help us to reduce the burden of labor are good products, as a new era of “lazy” artifact, the packaging is still in the form of gift boxes, simple and generous no matter it is for their own use or gifts, must be able to get rid of the product. From the renderings on the packaging, we can see that although the appearance of the new product this time is not much different from that of the previous generation, there is obviously a “small head” at the top of the head. Is this the magic weapon that makes it smarter than similar products? However, the packaging available information is not much, want to know what continue to open the box.

On top of the opening package is the protective cover, which is also painted with the Pusanick LDS M6.

Continue to show, you can see the host and all kinds of accessories are classified packages, and fixed in the environmental mold, transport protection is very appropriate, after all, household appliances are afraid of falling.

The Pusanick LDS M6 looks exactly the same as the renderings on the same package, but in detail the texture is superior, and the metallic “little head” gives a very strong sense of technology. This also reflects the traditional sweeping robot has a significant difference.

The details of the texture show, from the big picture can not feel the unique surface cover of the Pursanik LDS M6, so close to you see the details, I believe many people have seen and used different sweeper robot. However, there are not many floor sweeping robots using dark-grain mirror surface technology.

In addition to the special processing technology, the new product also adopts the innovative design of magnetic absorption in the opening mode. The opening place is located next to the “small head”, and the manufacturer carefully affixes the guiding method. You can see that the details are well done.

Magnetic suction surface cover to open the way very simple, do not need too much force can easily pick up the face cover, the new technology may bring faster and more effective work, but the human nature of the design more reflects the truth of science and technology and man-made. Is that right?

Perhaps a friend will ask the magnetic suction surface cover, will not have the risk of loosening in motion, this is not to worry about, because the four corners of the panel are equipped with magnetic suction, in terms of stability is still appropriate.

After opening the panel, the internal structure of the Pusanick LDS M6 still looks very neat, which brings a lot of aspects to dumping and cleaning in the future, after all, this part will inevitably get dirty when it is operated, don’t you say?

Open the face cover of the work is mainly to clean the dust box of garbage, so we first take a look at the dust box structure, the first sight is the Hepa components do not wash, the author impression that the Caspian is able to clean with water ah! In order to solve the mystery or the degree Niang asked after all! In fact, Hapa can be properly washed, but remember not to use brushes, so as not to cause harm to Hapa, thus reducing the filtration effect, usually small amount of ash accumulation can be gently patted, but after all, it is also a consumable material; If the use of small particles seriously blocked for a long time, or recommended as soon as possible to replace, so as not to affect the working performance of the sweeper.

Dust box extraction method is also very simple, pull up the handle can be taken out.

Open the lid with the built-in Hapa to clear out the garbage, and it is a good habit to clean the Hapa when taking out the garbage every day. Good habits will allow the consumables to be used for a longer time.

Extract the inner structure of the dustbox.

Pusanick LDS M6 panel on the physical keys, three keys responsible for fixed-point cleaning, global cleaning and intelligent recharge, and the power key is a composite key, through the long press to configure the network operation, later in the experience part of the details.

After a long time, I haven’t talked about the “little head” of the Pusanick LDS M6. It must be a little impatient for you to see it. Let’s focus on the function of this “little brain”, which is a major change in this new product. Internal integration of the wireless carrier and laser cruise dual positioning system, the overall laser scanning positioning and anti-dry ability of the wireless carrier positioning, not only makes the cleaning path more neat, but also real-time correction of deviation changes. So as not to miss any corner.

In addition, in addition to the 360th global laser scanning location, the Pusanick LDS M6 can also construct and generate a full-house map by itself, and can accurately restore the family layout with a single scan. Unique memory allows the Pusanick LDS M6 to memorize the layout of the entire house in one scan, and to locate it accurately in real time without secondary memory. You will find that the more you use it at work, the smarter and more comfortable you will be.

After looking at the front, let’s take a look at the working area of the Pusanick LDS M6. The general structure and tradition have not changed much, but there have been many changes in the details, such as the following:

The removable battery module, although we pay little attention to this aspect in the use, but when the battery module reaches the certain age limit, can reduce the work efficiency because of the loss, often the built-in battery consumer is unable to replace by oneself. A small update to the Pusanick LDS M6, which takes the battery module as a detachable modular design, greatly facilitates future maintenance, which is worth praising.

Next is the change of the roller brush, the two in one design of the brush and glue brush, namely can use the hair brush to deal with the cleaning of garbage dust, can also use the glue brush to deal with the dirty things that are difficult to clean, save the design of the worry to avoid the trouble of changing.

Of course, if you encounter hair entanglement or stick to dirt, we need to remove the time to clean out, just open the two sides of the buckle can easily take out the roller brush.

As for the configuration of the side brush, the Pursanik LDS M6 is no longer designed for the two sides, which does not mean that the single side brush will reduce the work efficiency. Friends who have used the sweeping robot may have seen that the double side brush will encounter the phenomenon of popping up garbage while working. The unilateral brush is a good solution to this problem, so I still prefer the configuration of unilateral brush.

The main movement of the sweeper is driven by the wheel group, but a good sweeper must be very good through performance, after all, the ground in every home is not flat, only has good flexibility and strong climbing performance. To better clean up anywhere, you can see that there’s plenty of room for the Pusanick LDS M6 wheels to move.

Pursanik LDS M6 universal wheel, the wheel is also very thick, stability must be good, of course, or the main wheel group flexibility is good, help to guide the robot.

The Pusanick LDS M6 not only has the function of sucking and sweeping, but also has the function of mopping the floor. Of course, most of the sweeping robots now have it. However, this new product of Pursanik is also a great innovation in the hanging of the water tank.

In the past, we used to make the traditional sweeper, each time the loading tank needs to turn the machine upside down operation is very troublesome, and the Pursanik LDS M6 uses a drawer type installation mode, so that each disassembly and joining becomes more simple and convenient.

Secondly, Pusanick LDS M6 has also made many improvements in the design of the water tank, using the precision water tank filter element of the botanical bionic vascular bundle, which directly connects the water tank and the mop, and the filter element can automatically absorb water so that the mop can keep just the right degree of wetness at all times. Refusing to dry-mop the floor makes it easier to clean.

The display of the mop.

Pusanick LDS M6 power adapter.

Pursanik LDS M6 charging seat, hidden cable storage makes the charging seat side very simple, in addition to ensure the correct return of the sweeping robot charging, we need to note that the appropriate space is reserved.

In terms of working capacity, the Pusanick LDS M6 has a 3200mAh super-large lithium appliance built into it to give the sweeping robot a range of about 90 minutes and a full charge for a single cleaning of a 180-square-meter oversized house. After all, with the continuous improvement of life, we live in a more and more spacious environment, to give the support to clean up to avoid frequent charging troubles, you say it?

The display of accessories, Pusanick LDS M6 accessories are not too rich but mainly practical, small broom to clean up the dust box garbage, in addition to the distribution of a random side brush

Oh, and this, the water tank filter has been shown above, the through-hole needle is missing, I hope the manufacturers in these small things in the bag better, after all, paper bags easy to open out, okay. Pusanick LDS M6 out of the box on the show on the end of the actual operation to see the experience of the new technology under the blessing, what kind of surprise will bring us!

II. APP presentations

Pursanik LDS M6 is not equipped with our common remote control, in addition to the main operation of the machine through the three physical keys, the need for a dedicated APP to operate, scan instructions on the QR code download and installation; For the first time, you can see the three features of the robot, which are real-time map viewing, remote cleaning, and scheduled cleaning.

Registration after landing needs to LDS M6 network configuration, the specific operation will have a corresponding diagram, according to the instructions can be, configuration process is very simple and fast, this experience is good.

Pusanick APP’s main interface, the entire empty area is very large, as a map display, and the next row is the operation menu, each button function has a note, so these keys will not be detailed. It’s important to note that the Pusanick LDS M6 offers three different power options, namely, power saving, standard, and powerfulness, which can be said to be very human in this function, since sometimes the environment that needs to be cleaned is not too dirty. You just need to clean up a little bit of dust on the ground. You can see a richer cleaning mode in more options, but of course these functions are familiar to all of you, and if you’re used to the remote control, you can also use manual control to operate the sweeper robot. Of course, the touch may not be as good as the remote control, but the remote control with unlimited distance is more powerful.

Another highlight of the Pusanick LDS M6 is the ability to create virtual walls, zonal sweep, and finger sweep on the APP, which are three very cool features. However, you need to operate these functions also let Pursanik LDS M6, a complete global cleaning to generate the map can be operated.

Wireless carrier and laser cruise dual positioning system planning capacity is very strong, although the author’s home objects are more, the environment is also very complex, but still can clearly draw a detailed global map; And in the entire cleaning process can be seen, busy sweeping robot in the work of the state of movement, with a very sci-fi sense of ah!

Although we clean a lot of places, but do not want it to go to a certain place or repeat the operation, such as the kitchen and bathroom. While traditional sweeping robots require physical virtual walls to block them, the Pusanick LDS M6 can be stopped by dividing them into APP, and cool techs is powerful.

Pusanick LDS M6 need to set up and choose the features are not many, the more practical is to book cleaning items, in a busy life we can not do too many things. But with the appointment function, there is no need to repeat the operation every day, life should be very simple, just to see how we treat it.

III. Operational demonstration

Anti-falling experience, we all know that if this function is missed, it will cause the machine to crash and be disabled, so the author will first give Pursanik LDS M6 an anti-falling test. It can be seen in the dynamic diagram that the relatively prepositive anti-drop device always feeds back to the machine at the first time, giving the machine a mechanism to adjust its movement. You can still walk steadily on such a small coffee table, So the fall-proof test gave the author a good impression.

Confetti cleaning, for this lighter kind of garbage cleaning, is certainly not as difficult for the Pusanick LDS M6, and can be done easily even in energy saving mode, just as demonstrated.

Heavy and large pieces of garbage, such as the peel, are the focus of the experience. There are gaps in using the standard mode in testing, but it is very powerful if the whole thing is strong. It basically solves the problem of garbage collection in one go. So on the whole is still satisfied, after all, the peel is a lot of garbage.

Climbing experience, every family door and door, or between the aisle and the aisle, generally will not be too flat how many will fall apart, the author’s family environment is like this; The video shows that the transition from wood floor to tile has at least a 5CM gap, and Pusanick’s ability to pass the LDS M6 did not hesitate to cross the threshold quickly.

Getting rid of difficulties is the most common headache for a sweeping robot. After all, the robot may not be able to escape from the desks and benches in its home environment. So the author measured the effect of the Pursanik LDS M6 crossing under the table. As you can see from the following diagram, the exit speed is very fast, and there is no problem with this test OK.

As I said before, the home environment is not flat. There are always tables and chairs standing in the way of Pu’s sweeping robot, so the roundabout test is one of the best ways. The traditional sweeping robot is always groping its way through bumping into each other. The Pusanick LDS M6 takes a detour, which is a great experience.

The automatic recharge test is the best way to accurately describe the Pusanick LDS M6’s recharge effect, which is slow but accurate and can be moved without moving.

IV. Other tests

The Pusanick LDS M6 has three modes of operation: energy saving, standard, and powerful. For each mode of noise test, it can be seen that the measured value is only the decibel of indoor conversation, with little impact on life and study.

Standard mode of noise test, although slightly improved decibel, but still in the acceptable range of overall control is good.

And the noise of strong mode is pulled away apparently, in order to more thorough sweep increases power, this everybody presumably can understand ~ but the author thinks standard mode already had enough for domestic use

Conclusion: busy modern work and life, so that we can no longer free up more time, to carry out the operation of housework, and sweep the robot just to help us solve, the most headache of household cleaning problems. The blessing of cool techs has made sweeping robots not only more powerful but also smarter, and Pursanik LDS M6’s dual wireless carrier and laser cruise positioning system makes a complex home environment much simpler to map globally. Smarter planning makes cleaning more scientific and thorough. If you need a lightening artifact, come and experience the Pusanick LDS M6, which will give you a big surprise!

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