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Android’s continued open-source nature soon made Android the most popular smartphone platform in the world. But this also brings some trouble, the Android that does not have unified standard lets a lot of manufacturers can customize his product at will, also let user experience jagged. Faced with the runaway Android mobile phone market, Google decided to use its own brand way to establish a unified standard or set a Android product benchmark for many manufacturers, so Google own brand Nexus came into being. The Nexus stands for the purest Android device, affectionately known as Google’s own son. With the development of time, the hardware platform has become more and more powerful, now the smartphone industry has become a colorful, Google Nexus device was built to show the Android operating system, and now as Android system is becoming more and more mature. And the third-party manufacturers to provide a good UI experience premise, Nexus can no longer give users a surprise, on the contrary, has become their own UI has become the major manufacturers of the standard and the main features. The native Android experience doesn’t mean much to the average consumer. Moreover, since the Nexus 6, the price of the Nexus is no longer friendly, the main Nexus phone cheap advantage has been lost. The historical mission of Nexus is accomplished. Today, when Apple accounts for nearly 90% of the profits in the mobile phone market, Google has long coveted it, and has since started the Pixel series from a different angle.

Start with Pixel 3 XL.

At its Made by Google conference in the early hours of Oct. 9, Google unveiled five pieces of hardware in one go, including the Google Pixel 3 / Pixel 3XL phone, the Google Pixel Slate tablet, the Google Home Hub smart speaker, and the Google Pixel Stand wireless charging base. Just as the Nexus 6p experience was in crisis, I immediately placed an order for the Pixel 3 XL.

Make a sarcastic comment.
The Pixel 3 still inherits Google’s headstrong hardware: a single rear camera, back fingerprint recognition, an ancestral 4G RAM, a single card with no support for extension cards, and the ugliest big bangs (3 XL),) that look nothing like a flagship plane. After all now homebred 1000 yuan machine is double photograph only calculate flagship probably also the price that starts 799 dollars and primus dragon 845. But now it’s October, 855 is on the string, the Kirin 980 next door is on the market, and you’ve got an old-fashioned 845, or a locked-in.

Open the box.

After waiting patiently, I finally got a new mobile phone.




Teampixel on the back


Information about the bottom


The first thing you see when you open the lid is the body of the phone.


Clip needle and instruction manual


With a pair of earplugs.

最下面是一根双头type-c数据线、3.5转接线、OTG转接头和一个9V 2A的电源适配器

At the bottom is a duplex type-c cable, a 3.5 adapter, a OTG adapter and a 9V 2A power adapter


Because it really can’t take effect, let’s borrow the network picture to show you the appearance of the mobile phone itself.

Just take a couple of pictures. Let’s see.

最不像旗舰的旗舰之Google Pixel 3XL开箱

最不像旗舰的旗舰之Google Pixel 3XL开箱

最不像旗舰的旗舰之Google Pixel 3XL开箱

最不像旗舰的旗舰之Google Pixel 3XL开箱

Easy to open the box here, the specific experience evaluation next time, after all, the detailed experience or need time to speak.


For Pixel 3/XL hardware platform, they are almost nothing outstanding, 3D structured light, screen fingerprint recognition and other features sought after by other manufacturers, Google has not sought after, it is quite conservative; Configuration has never seemed to be a major feature of Google, and a range of functions related to artificial intelligence have been highlighted. As an important embodiment of the ability of AI, Google has made great efforts in taking photos, in addition to relying on the powerful algorithm function to support the photography function. Google’s natural language processing, computer vision and other AI capabilities are also online, Pixel 3’s Google Assistant can help users answer the phone, and a number of new photo features are cool enough. However, compared with Apple, which last month launched its iPhone XS line of products, Google is only a beginner in terms of software and hardware integration. At present, Apple’s 7nm manufacturing process with the A12 bionic chip with the neural network engine has become the strongest chip in mobile terminals. Apple has also built an ecosystem of AI developers through machine learning tools such as Core ML and Create ML, opening up its AI capabilities to tens of millions of Apple developers and creating more AI apps for the iPhone. More than anything else, Pixel needs to learn and improve to help GoogleAI services grow better.

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