Baojun E200 electric vehicle

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3
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Opening and experiencing.

It was a gray, low-key, red color that looked too much like Iron Man.



Front, golden light frame.


There is only one taillight on the back and the other is fog light, so the color is different.


Trunk effect




First person perspective


Simple central control


The position of the rearview mirror reserves a usb Jack, which is convenient for the use of the CarLog and does not need to be wired.


There are also two usb ports on either side of the front of the car, which should be reserved for the official smart system.


There is a hook in the back of the copilot to make it easy to buy food and so on.


There are two hooks on the front side of the copilot, suitable for hanging snacks and the like, and cards can be inserted next to it.


The copilot has a small storage space where you can put things you don’t usually use.


Poor air conditioning system, but better than nothing, touch-controlled, easy to touch


The gear adopts the shape of the huai block type. For the sake of beauty, there is a completely decorative thing on the left hand side. It feels completely OK to put the turn light or the multimedia operation on the other side.


Multimedia related on the right, menu manipulation on the left.

Endurance mileage.

In terms of battery life, there were all sorts of hype and grapevine that said the 270km was going to last, and when it was released, it was changed to an 210km. At the beginning, I felt that there were some pits, which shrunk so much. Later, I looked up the data and found out that the 270km is the isokinetic theory and the 210km is the NEDC operating mode. In fact, it depends on the individual operating style. Can run over 210km range (full charge central display 230km). Although this is so, but still feel Baojun this time is not very enough, only more than the previous generation of 10km endurance, contrast Chery and Zhongtai, are 300km endurance, a 210km you do not? For all the whining, 210km is good enough for commuting only in the city. After listening to the sales said that you can add additional batteries, a battery pack can run 30 km, it is also a solution.

According to my actual use these days, the full charge displays the 230km’s endurance. With the economic model, I go to work every day 25 km + use 9% of the electricity, so calculated that the actual battery life can achieve 250km above, or good results, daily commuting is fully enough to use.

Deficiency place.

The first point: endurance, 210km is really less, do a 300km then the state can subsidize more ah. 210km, I had intended to install a 220v power device, see this battery life I dare not add, for fear that the use of the car will not be able to drive home.

The 2nd: horn, who leaves a factory to take horn only now, spend 50 piece to add the other side even, too insincere. And the sound quality of the horn is not very good.

The third point: tires, 145/70R12 ‘s original factory tires are too small, only a little larger than the electric motorcycle, the stability is relatively poor, especially in the low-end version, there is no body stabilization system, can not be too fast when the corner.

The fourth point: the trunk, although the E200 trunk is much wider than the E100, but as a result of drop-down design, leading to open the trunk will be slightly farther from the trunk, put heavy luggage when it is not easy to put in. However, the drop-down weight bearing 100kg design, there are still many different ways to play. This is a matter of opinion.

The fifth point: the central control is simple, mine is the low match edition, on the screen which controls in the center basically the multimedia aspect all does not display. Add and subtract sounds, radio channels, FM and Bluetooth toggles are not displayed. Is inconvenient, and resets the previous settings every time it starts.

The sixth point: air conditioning, air conditioning is very simple kind of, third block cold and third block heat, 9 files of wind, can not adjust the temperature.


A lot of people are talking about the cost after the battery, I according to my personal situation to calculate a bill, I need to run 50 km + per day commuting, plus 100 yuan 93 can get more than 13 L, can run two days on the yellow light, that is, basically I need 100 days of gas money. If it’s just commuting, I’ll be 1000 a month, 1w2 a year. Baojun E200, from 20-100 electricity I need about 20 kilowatt-hour electricity, the household electricity 0.5 yuan per kilowatt hour, that is 10 yuan, full power run 250 + km, equal to my most from two times a week, a month 80 That’s 960 a year. (others, like some of the charging posts, charge for free. Not to mention mileage subsidies. A year to save 1 w1, the official said battery insurance for 8 years, then by 8 years, that saves 8 w8, an E200 is also 5 wt. I waited 8 years battery scrapped, directly buy a new can save almost 4w. As a second car located in the family (official positioning), although the various aspects of the humble, but basically able to meet the needs of commuting. At a time when oil prices are getting more expensive, a two-seater electric car is still worth having.

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