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Reason for purchase.

Before bought the Rome Shi’s 20000mAh white classic mobile power supply, bought several years ago, not bad, resistant to fall, but! Is this a shortcoming for those who like the new and hate the old? Can not find the opportunity to change new, and it is relatively bulky, usually go out without considering, too burdensome, so only at home will occasionally use.

Appearance display.

Well, the friend recommended it and sent it back to me. It was very sweet. At first glance into my eyes is a black, black than the atmosphere, with a period of time will not change color is very old. It’s kind of a high-priced product for mobile power. The long body, frosted feel, 20100m Ahs, the weight is not heavy, may be with the shape of the relationship between the design, shared the weight, in short, the feel of the hand is much lighter than the Roman official.

充放电都很快的20100毫安大容量移动电源—Anker 安克 PowerCore


Use perception.

There are only two charging ports, which is enough. To tell you the truth, I was a little confused when I got it, because I couldn’t find the micro port. Normally, the general mobile power supply has an micro port to charge the mobile power supply itself. No one in the family has an Android phone, so they didn’t specifically buy an type C data cable. That’s a little.

充放电都很快的20100毫安大容量移动电源—Anker 安克 PowerCore

But perhaps this is the inevitable result of the replacement of it, depressed after I also quickly accepted. To buy the attention of the students, this inside with the cable is c to c and usb to micro two, and charging can only use PD port, plugs to choose the corresponding parameters to go. If you use an ordinary socket to recharge a mobile power supply, it will take at least 30 hours to fill it up.

充放电都很快的20100毫安大容量移动电源—Anker 安克 PowerCore

充放电都很快的20100毫安大容量移动电源—Anker 安克 PowerCore


Can charge 8p more than 4 times, are from 5% to 100% charge, the fifth charge 24% portable battery completely dead, to portable battery self-charge, I use a hammer 18wPD fast charge, full charge from portable battery to full 4 hours 38 minutes That’s an ideal speed.

Note: 1. No hint, no option, must own to match the PD 30W socket, with the Huawei P10 adapter can be filled, to fill a day to fill. 2. The annotated 2W mA is the maximum and the rating is 1W2. Not rated at 2W.


充放电都很快的20100毫安大容量移动电源—Anker 安克 PowerCore


Advantages: 1, charge and discharge are very fast (in the use of the premise of the original charging head), with PD, simply invincible, charging super! And capacity thief is big, compare to millet, capacity is big double, the gap on time of charge and discharge did not have however, stick!

2. Second, it’s good to support the PD charging standard and be compatible with a lot of devices.

3. You can charge two devices at the same time. 20100 large capacity with very secure, necessary to travel, you can take the plane oh.

Disadvantages: 1, for some weak women, heavy points, but it has such a large capacity ah, this really can not be considered a shortcoming. I’ll just mention it.

2, do not support wireless charging, now the new mobile devices support wireless charging, but this new mobile power supply does not support wireless charging, it does not make sense, I have to bring more data every time, a bit cumbersome (no way. With new technology, it’s hard to get back.

3. The standard output is 2A? The slowest charging iPhone also supports 2.4A current, so why not 5V3A? The design of this 2A is beyond our comprehension.

4, want to buy to pay attention to, this portable battery accessories are both ends of the type-c interface of the line, with the traditional type-c line to portable battery charge really slow, consider clearly and then buy. Of course, you have a quick charge of its own, this can be ignored.

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