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On Sept. 13, the location and price of the relatively low iPhone XR is also known as the “cheap version” of the iPhone, but the highest price is still as high as 7899 yuan. Bookings for the aircraft began on October 19 and it will go on sale on October 26.

The iPhone XR also runs on the 7nm A12 Bionic processor, offering three storage versions of the 64/128/256GB, a front-facing Face ID sensor and a 7 million pixel camera, and a 12 million pixel rear camera.

IPhone XR parameter table.

CPUA12 BionicROM64/128/256GB screen 6.1 inches 1792 x 828 Resolution LCD Liquid Retina HD display in front of camera: 7 million, F / 2.2.
Back: 12 million (F / 1. 8) Optical Anti-shake size 150.9*75.7*8.3mm 194g Color Red Special Edition, Yellow, White, Coral, Black, Blue Netcom 4G +, dual Card dual stay (China Bank double Card slot).

In addition, the iPhone XR is equipped with a 2942mAh battery, offering a red special edition, yellow, white, coral, black, blue and other colorful colors. The 64GB version of the, iPhone XR is priced at 6499 yuan, the 128GB version at 6999 yuan, and the 256GB version at 7899 yuan.

Appearance: this time the LCD has really been repolished.

The appearance of the iPhone XR is no longer a suspense, at the beginning of the announcement already had a lot of hands, but many users of the first Apple LCD full screen phone still have doubts, this time we mainly talk about. Concerns about the appearance of iPhone XR.

Resolution enough? Color complement.

The main complaint about the iPhone XR comes from the screen. After all, you are used to the next-generation design of the iPhone X series. It may be uncomfortable to go back to the iPhone XR, but it doesn’t really feel the same after you hold your hand.

The iPhone XR screen was upgraded to a larger 6.1-inch Liquid Retina, officially called the “New Liquid Retina display,” and the screen was made of LCD material, with resolutions of 1792, 828 and only 326 ppi, some distance from the current mainstream phone.

iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


That’s a level of resolution that you can see clearly in the picture, even in the exterior image, but from the naked eye experience, it’s perfectly acceptable, if you can take the iPhone 8 screen. Then iPhone XR must be enough for you.


iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


Despite the reduced resolution, iPhone XR provides the most accurate color display in the industry and supports P3 wide gamut and Ture Tone original color display technology. Both the contrast and brightness of the actual experience are at the top of the industry, and the plump colors can even be mistaken for a OLED screen. , iPhone XR is already the best option for LCD diehard users.

Border racing? Wallpaper to save.

Because of the limitations of the LCD screen, the iPhone XR still retains a wide quadrilateral screen, and the, iPhone XR’s frame remains as thick and as thin as a race horse on the premise that the Android LCD screen can now hold a high percentage of the screen. It’s also a place where there are a lot of complaints.


iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


But then again, the, iPhone XR border is thick, but it’s not too exaggerated. It can be seen as a full screen version of the iPhone 8 Plus, and the disappearance of the upper and lower panels is enough to give you a full look boost. The front top also offers a depth of field camera, supports facial ID and emoticons, and is less abrupt with bangs and thick borders.

The border is very thick, but the increase in the percentage of the iPhone XR screen gives it a good handle, which is one lap larger than the iPhone XS, and most closely related to the body size of the iPhone 8 Plus, so users who are accustomed to the Plus series must not be unfamiliar with the feel of the iPhone XR. Portability and feel impeccable.

iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


As I mentioned earlier, wallpaper is a good way to save the border, but for phones at this price, the look of the, iPhone XR can’t be said to be exciting.

Without it, see if you accept it.

The iPhone XR doesn’t follow the SE name, but in terms of overall design, it’s more like the spirit successor to the SE, the steel cannon, the shotgun look, and the familiar Apple flavor.


iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


3D Touch became the first “castrated” feature on iPhone XR, meaning that shortcuts to the APP press could no longer be used, and the home shortcut icon became a long press open. There may be a lot of users who don’t use 3D Touch, very often, but as people who took this feature from the iPhone 6S to the iPhone 8 Plus, there’s something missing. But for Android users switching to the iOS camp, the Hapic Touch, which replaces the 3D Touch, is still a fresh and easy-to-use experience.


iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位



iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


In addition to the “cheap” version of the racehorse frame at a glance on the front, there is the abrupt single camera behind it that exposes the identity of the iPhone XR. For a phone priced close to its predecessor, the iPhone 8 Plus, the absence of both cameras is a big pity. But even without the single shot of the double, iPhone XR, we were pleasantly surprised.

Dual card is also a great pity of iPhone XR, don’t get me wrong, iPhone XR has dual card, but the design of dual card slot doesn’t reflect the details of Apple in the past, only the bottom card slot provides limit device, and it is not very strong. In the card slot will often have the phenomenon of SIM card off, and recently in the same two-sided SIM card slot on the domestic mobile phone has done this detail very well, or even can not throw out the level. So users of iPhone XR should be extra careful when changing cards.

A conspicuous appearance.

In general, the advantages and disadvantages of the, iPhone XR appearance are very obvious, the advantage is that it has a very high-quality LCD screen, and with a balanced design, the feel and feel are done to Apple should be a high level of play. The downside is that Apple is too “frugal” in every way, Apple re-” polished “the LCD screen, but let you in the Plus series price range, to buy SE grade products.

Of course, if you don’t really care about appearance, you might think differently if you move on.

Photo: what is a double shot?

The, iPhone XR’s single-camera configuration has been in doubt since the fall launch. For 8012, is a single camera worth the price of a 6K + phone?

On the hardware side alone, the, iPhone XR has the same 12 million-pixel f / 1.8 aperture wide-angle camera as the iPhone XS, with a new light sensor; larger, deeper pixels enhance image fidelity. Taking photos and videos in low light is also better than ever. HDR mode is naturally upgraded to smart HDR mode, and that mode is now turned on by default, making you no longer afraid of all kinds of lighting.

The front-facing camera uses the same 7 million pixels as the iPhone XS series. In terms of hardware configuration, it simply has one less camera than the iPhone XS series, but in the face of the original dual camera, can the iPhone Xs shrink to the same level as the iPhone XS series?

, iPhone XR maintains the high quality of the iPhone XS series in daylight photos, a full-blown 12 million pixel camera with very high resolution and visible architectural lines; in the color of the photo, Maintained the iPhone phone for a long time the frigidity palette: saturation will not be particularly high, but win in the natural color, so that the overall feeling is very comfortable. Oversized F / 1.8 aperture, in close-up, the background is very soft, leaves, flowers are very clear lines.

The addition of smart HDR gives Daguang a new height over photos. In the case of the original high tolerance, highlight and shadow of the reservation is in place; but out of the picture is a bit gray, so that many users do not look high saturation, but to bring a great deal of convenience.

On the iPhone, starting with the dual camera on the iPhone 7Plus, the camera was in portrait mode, but on the iPhone XR, the camera was “backwards”, with a single camera, the first of its kind. Can this groundbreaking design really match the ability of the iPhone XS series to take photos?

From the photos, iPhone XR indeed has comparable to the iPhone XS series of portrait model strength, character edge description is very smart, matting is very perfect, the separation of the main body and background is in place. However, compared to the iPhone XS series portrait mode, there are five light effects (natural light, studio light, outline light, stage light, monochromatic stage light), and only three portrait effects (natural light, studio light, contour light) are available for), iPhone XR. ), which may be because Apple thinks these three light effects are relatively common, If the user feedback is strong in the later period, it is only a matter of patch to make up for the other two lighting effects.

On iPhone XR, the ability to preview real-time depth of field on Android phones has also been added (later software update). The depth of field can be controlled in real time without affecting the exposure, or it can be adjusted again in later editing.

In the night scene, new sensors and a larger single-pixel area make the night scene better than models such as the iPhone X. The noise control of, iPhone XR is better than that of iPhone X, the noise of iPhone X is very dense in the same scene, the noise can be seen by naked eye, and the smear is very big, while the iPhone XR is purer. Noise compared to the iPhone X will have a more subtle feeling.

On the white balance, the new generation algorithm brings the more accurate white balance algorithm, iPhone XR relatively more conforms to the environment at that time, but iPhone X has the tendency to be a little bit yellow; in the highlight retention, the iPhone XR highlight control under the same environment is very good. The number in the distance can be bright but not exposed, and the iPhone X is already in a terrible state, the emerald trees have been highlighted and can’t bear to see.


iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


On the front camera, as with the iPhone XS series, the same 7 million pixel camera is a clear improvement over older models such as the iPhone X. Especially in the details, the current version of the iPhone XR will still have part of the self-contained beauty function, although not like some professional beauty APP like some of the United States to achieve a very perfect beauty effect, but, better than nothing. It is worth mentioning that when the front-facing camera takes photos, the spot outside the focal point is very round and natural, dotted with dots, which adds a lot of color to the photo.


iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


More diverse sheet


iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位



iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位



iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位



iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


System: after three days of separation, we should treat each other with scrapes and eyeballs.

IOS has always been known for its high stability, high flow, its smooth use of the experience and quality of the application ecology has been the fans of the place to praise. But last year’s iOS 11 did leave a deep impression on many fans, and of course that was not an ideal impression.

Therefore, at this year’s WWDC conference, iOS 12 did not make major changes, the focus of the upgrade to the stability and smoothness of the system, determined to bring back the good traditions of the previous iOS.


iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


IPhone XR comes with a native iOS 12 system, and we’ve upgraded to the latest version of iOS 12.0.1. At first glance, UI, ‘s predecessor, the iOS, has barely changed much, continuing the flattened design style that began with iOS 7.

Performance improvement.

As the annual update, the iOS 12 can support the upgrade of the oldest iPhone 5s, in terms of upgrade support or do more conscience. The most important thing is that after upgrading to the iOS 12, in some models, you can experience a maximum of 2 times the APP startup speed under high load, as much as 70% increase in the speed of turning on the camera, and so on.


iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


Of course, pure data doesn’t really make a difference, but as we’ve been using it for a while, we do get back to the fluid experience we had with iOS 12, whether it was opening apps or switching between apps. Being able to feel the speed increase is the biggest improvement of the iOS 12, and the advantage seems to have come back. These are the things that users want to see most.

Function addition.

However, the annual update, iOS 12 really does not have a bit of new features, it does not make sense, so in the iOS 12 on the first important highlight, is the update of the second generation of ARKit.


iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


In Apple’s view, the AR will play an increasingly important role in future usage scenarios, as we’ll see when we spend a lot of time introducing the AR at the launch event. With the new ARKit 2, developers will be able to build AR applications more easily, enriching our video and audio entertainment, learning, navigation and shopping experiences.


iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


Whether the iOS 12 comes with a range finder or an app store developed by a third party, you can experience the power of the new ARKit 2 in the process of using it. Like the A5 notepad above, 14.8 cm wide, 15 cm after being tested by the rangefinder in the iOS 12, very accurate measurements and no drift, we have reason to believe that there will be more apps about AR on the shelves in the future. Only then will the whole ARKit play a bigger role.


iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


The screen usage time record is the second most important update highlight. Screen usage time records can clearly record our daily use of the situation, so that we can clearly see which applications they spend more time, can remind users to better arrange the use of the time of the phone. You can also use parental control to manage the amount of time your child spends on the phone, a feature that is expected to be popular with many parents.


iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


Users who have used iPhone will have this experience. When your friends send you a lot of messages, the notification bar is packed with messages, not only unattractive, but also blocking the normal notification display of other applications. In iOS 12, notification categorization was added, allowing notifications from the same program to be grouped together and giving you a clean and efficient notification interface.


iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


As the third important update highlight, my facial expression also left an impression on us. Since the addition of the front-facing depth camera, Apple has created a new emoji for words and actions, in addition to being used on the Face ID. In this iOS 12, a new emoji has been added, which can greatly enhance the fun of communicating with mobile phones through the creation of virtual avatars.

Function improvement.

In addition to the addition of some new features, some of the original built-in applications have also been improved, the stock market APP has been redesigned, map APP added to find shopping malls or indoor routes of the airport function.


iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


Photo APP adds the artificial intelligence picture analysis function, can automatically induce the different kinds of pictures, lets you be able to search more easily before the happy recollection, enhances the convenient degree which uses.


iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


There is no small improvement in the application of SMS, the most eye-catching is the addition of captcha recognition function, no longer need to remember these few numbers. Although the Android platform has long been popular features, but the iOS 12 upgrade to the iPhone can also use this convenient feature, or the majority of Apple fans are excited.


iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


Siri shortcuts allow you to supplement Siri in ways that you didn’t have in the past, allowing Siri to better understand your needs through voice settings. For example, we can set when asked Siri “query charges”, Siri will open the SMS application to send operators a query SMS, indirectly achieve a richer voice assistant function.

Overall, the iOS 12 has achieved its original goal of making the phone run faster with some nice new features, and AR is looking to the future. Using time records reduces your bad habit of relying on your phone, and Siri shortcuts make the voice assistant function even more appealing to you. This upgrade is definitely worth it!

Performance: A12 hanging, double card sledgehammer.

The iPhone XR had been rumored to be powered by an A11 or even an A10 processor, but many were reassured by the announcement, and Apple ended up with the A12 bionic processor in good faith.


iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


A12 bionic chip based on 7nm process, a total of 6.9 billion transistors, using two large + four small core six-core CPU architecture, the GPU part is four-core. According to the official introduction, compared with the A11 bionic chip, two performance cores (namely large core) speed increase by up to 15%, four energy efficient core (namely small core) energy saving up to 50%.


iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


It is worth noting that the GPU part of the upgrade, Apple severed with Imagination, the second generation of self-designed graphics chip processing speed than the A11 faster than 50%. To this end, Apple is also dedicated to the use of “Ancient Scroll: Blade” as a demo game, you can see the screen than the previous mobile games have been greatly improved, and provide more light and shadow details.

In addition, Apple claims that the A12 bionic chip’s artificial intelligence core, the Neural Engine, is the most advanced, evolving directly from a dual core to an eight-core design that provides up to 5 trillion operations per second, making the AI even more powerful.


iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


These are all PPT data, I believe that the audience should want to see the actual data in the end, that no delay, we immediately start testing. Add, iPhone XR on the A12 bionic chip maximum frequency 2.5GHz, running memory for 3GB.


iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


We tested the running scores of the most popular GeekBench and Antoine respectively. GeekBench scored 4811 for mononuclear and 11550 for multicore, while the Angora rabbit. Emmm, has not adapted to iPhone XR yet, so it will flash back. See you next time.

As we all know, this year’s Android flagship processor, Qualcomm Cellon 845, usually has a single core score of around 2300-2400, a multi-core race score of around 8000-9000, and even the “Light of Android” Samsung Exynos 9810 has a single core score of more than 3800. The polynuclear score was about 9000 points. So how strong the A12 bionic chip is, to put it bluntly, is two years ahead of the next door.

Also, since Gamebench has not adapted the iPhone XR, detailed Gamebench data is not yet available. However, after our titanium eye verification, A12 against the mainstream Honor of Kings and stimulation battlefield is “kill the chicken with the ox knife.”


iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位



iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


Two cards: better than nothing


iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


Although iPhone XR added dual card function, but the actual experience is not as perfect as we see in the domestic machine. Call, send short messages and data access to the Internet can set their own phone card, but also for the card set business, personal label convenient identification, the details are more in place. However, the actual function of the dual card dual waiting is more primitive, and it only supports single pass at present.


iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


That is, if the calling card used does not turn on VoLTE, the, iPhone XR cannot access the Internet using data during the call, regardless of the primary or secondary card. The phone will be sent directly to voicemail when it is dialed into the sub-card.

And see the dual cards with different, the actual use is also different, the worst case is when the dual cards are telecom cards, was set to the side of the card will be directly displayed no service, at this time and single card mobile phone is no different. And dual card does not mean at the same time 4G standby, may have to fall back to 3G or even 2G situation, in this regard, Apple did not show vice card network status. Dual 4G and dual VoLTE support, may have to wait for Apple’s follow-up update.


Apple has a long tradition of thrift and thrift on iPhone batteries. On the 6.1-inch iPhone XR, however, Apple equipped it with a slightly larger battery than the iPhone XS, with a 2942mAh capacity. In addition, the, iPhone XR also supports the USB PD fast charging protocol like the previous generation iPhone, and the theoretical maximum power can reach 18W.


iPhone XR深度评测:简配“降”价,不降的是高端定位


But don’t get excited, the ghost essence of the apple or standard with the ancestors to the rotten 5V/1A charging head. Compared to 40W or even 50W of fast charging has begun to gradually become popular, selling accessories barely to survive on the Apple is really calm.


From the experience, we think of the iPhone XR as a dual-card version of the iPhone Xwith an upgraded processor and camera sensor, as well as a minimalist and practical iPhone. The quality of the screen, the border, the 3D Touch castration, the double shot and so on have all been compromised. The “cheap” version of the iPhone is well known, and Apple’s knife technique is also quite accurate, although the starting price of 6499 yuan is not really cheap. To sum up the experience over time, we offer the following purchasing advice:

If you are using iPhone X users, be honest with the use of it, an A12 is not enough to become a rigid demand for machine change;

If you want to defect to Android users, if you want to get A12 powerful performance and similar to the iPhone X-like experience, iPhone XR is undoubtedly the best choice;

If it is face control, you can skip, but if you are color control, you can struggle again;

If is the iPhone 8 series and the following old user, wants to join the comprehensive screen spring tide, then the iPhone XR is worth buying very much;

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