Yeelight LED cosmetic mirror experience

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A capricious reason to buy.

Life is difficult, to be a woman is even more difficult, to be a beautiful middle-aged girl is even more difficult!

Some time ago, there was a joke on the Internet:

Woman thinks good thing: this is shampoo, this is hair conditioner, this is hair film, this is embellish hair essence, this is bath fluid, this is the body exfoliates ….

Men think of the good things: this is an eight-in-one bath product, shampoo bath bottle done.

It can be seen that women’s understanding of the word “exquisite” is completely different from that of men.

Delicate sister paper, to the face so expensive skin care products, cosmetics, without a good mirror is no way!

However, a good mirror does not look good either!

So, I chose the yeelight LED cosmetic mirror.

That’s a nice name for yeelight-“come at Night”

II. Opening the box.

The mirror was opened as soon as I received it.

The red logo of yeelight is harmonious and eye-catching on the white box.

There are three modes of light, natural light, white light and yellow light

On the mirror, the boot mode and switch mode are introduced.

The mirror is well packaged and well protected. There is also a transparent protective film on the silver bracket.

The switch machine and the charging place are all on the back of the mirror.

Charging line, mirror cloth, instructions

Fixed makeup photo by cosmetic mirror.

Mirror under the small black box is the sensor, usually open on where it is good, when people close to the lights will be lit up.

The whole mirror design is very simple, in addition to white is silver, I personally think very good-looking!

III. User experience

The lights, turn them on!

A circle of lights can be no dead corner of the bright whole face, the light is uniform and natural.

Close to open, but also save a lot of trouble, sitting in front of the dresser, automatically lit a lamp for you

Very suitable for makeup use, the light is uniform and natural.

The light in the mirror was so comfortable that I found it could even be used to shine light.

Can be used to light up! The light is so even and comfortable!

Ring lights as a matter of fact as the eyes light, then there is a loss of strange, but and the lens embedded together is still a little cute!

See the ring lights right in the middle of the lens?

The battery is said to work for 7-8 days. I’ve been using it for about a week. I haven’t been prompted to charge it yet. It’s generally related to the frequency of use, and I’m quite satisfied with the battery life at the moment.
Over the past few days, I have summed up the following points:

1, dressing table light is not very good circumstances, recommended index: 5 stars.

Waste hundreds of yuan of cosmetics is small, draw the makeup is not natural and that is not good, my home is the dresser in the bedroom corner, no auxiliary light source, every time to see their faces are black and yellow. Very affect the feel of makeup, and also can not see clearly.

2, dressing table light source is not positive, the recommended index: four and a half stars.

When the light source is not right, the makeup you wear is different from what you feel when you watch it under the ordinary light, especially the backlight. Although looking at the dresser bright, the person sits on prepares to put on the makeup to be unable to see anything, that you quickly enter one!

3, the younger sister paper that needs delicate makeup appearance at ordinary times, recommend a degree: four stars half.

People like me, who usually go to work hurriedly with their eyebrows drawn, actually don’t have such high requirements for cosmetic mirrors, but girls who need to wear fine makeup, this mirror is very suitable for you, with a high-definition mirror and even light. And can also simulate a variety of light environment, very intimate.
In addition, I also found that this mirror has a few magical uses.

1. Wake up with a night-light.

If you can turn on the lights and go to the toilet at night, it will be very convenient if you pass by the dresser.

2. Photographic lighting.

The light is even and soft. I don’t know how much lumen it is, but it feels pretty bright.


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