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Xiaomi Mi Band 3
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Appearance display

Getting a scooter box is bigger and heavier than I thought, so it’s actually bigger and heavier than I thought, and maybe the comparison in my head is the humble scooter I played when I was a kid. The data Xiaomi gave was:

Vehicle size: before folding: about 1080mm * 430mm * 1140mm; after folding: about 1080mm * 430mm * 490mm.

Body weight: 12. 5 kg.

In fact, these data is difficult to give a visual impression, I will talk about and some of the competing products, including the size of the comparison, first continue to open the box

  Box side sticker, this is Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise ninebot’s products, that is, the acquisition of the segway, out of the Xiaomi balance car this enterprise, the origin of China’s famous production base for electric vehicles, Changzhou City, another point of concern is. The top right corner of the sticker is marked, it is a high matching version, that is to say, there will be a low matching version in the future. If the performance is not required, you can wait for the low matching. It seems that Xiaomi did not say there is a low matching at the press conference, or I did not pay attention to it. Because I’m a person who doesn’t ask for much performance.

   At first glance, the electric car is easy to pick up and install, inside the description written more than this detailed, Xiaomi this product details do quite carefully.

  Opening the box is the story of the day.

   This is the instruction manual for this product, one of which is specially written about the safety matters to be noted during driving, possibly because the previous ninebot product, the Xiaomi balancing car, had too many safety accidents.

   This is the only step required to install the handle on the body of the four screws, came with the installation tool


  In fact, the screws coated with anti-drop blue anaerobic glue, the details of praise.

  In the box at the bottom of the box is the charger charging line and a gas nozzle.

  The whole car has been installed. Here are some details below.

  As you can see, the new tires are being used, and brushless motors are used.


The handlebars are marked with meters of home, and the tag reveals that the next low-end version of the battery life is the 20KM.

  Two of the designs that I was dissatisfied with were all related to rubber. After charging, the design was at the bottom. This rubber mouth was especially difficult. The rubber piece on the second pole fell off directly, feeling like the cycling process in the later stage. The road will still drop after a few bumps and shakes. Another design is that the bottom of the battery shield is plastic, I do not know if it will crack when I bump into it.

The bottom is loaded with 30 LG 18650 power lithium-ion batteries with a total capacity of 280 Wha, an output voltage of 37.41 V, a design capacity of 7.8 million Ahh, and special specifications for soldering locations.

Front and rear lights, very bright, in the dark driving process I am very satisfied.
Use perception


   This electric scooter can be used to match the app of Mijia, can also be connected to the app use of ninebot, but the latter I did not get off, in the riding process, I am satisfied with the entire power consumption, climbing is also more powerful. The lights are as good as the copy says, but during commuting, I suggest turning off the constant cruise, which is expected to bring frequent braking.

At the beginning, you need to slide manually and then accelerate by electricity. When the speed reaches 5 km / h, you can press the accelerator again. Yes, it’s pressing. It’s not pulling the throttle. It is said to have prevented the sudden acceleration of the car, which caused it to lose its center of gravity and fall over. Constant-speed cruise is intelligent identification, do not need manual operation, cruise at constant speed does not need to press the throttle frequently.

In terms of riding skills, I think compared with the previous balanced bikes, this one is a ride-on-board type with more than enough space pokes in my Atez trunk, as well as a kinetic energy recovery system similar to the Mazda ieloop. I think that’s a good thing to do.

  There is also a very sweet little design, car bell is also folded when the car buckle.

Tell me about the advantages of this car:

Solid working materials, compared to the domestic second-line brands, this LG battery, is the new tires, accessories are quite good.

The design is powerful, the whole car is really good-looking, although it is bigger than the imagined size, frosted texture, all kinds of details to control in place, the design of millet really jilt other domestic brands a lot of streets.

8.5 pneumatic tires, scooter tires I think belong to the end of the place, this point of Xiaomi do very well, especially anti-seismic!

Brushless motor, disc brake, safety is guaranteed.

Tell me about the shortcomings of the car:

In addition to some of the above, the size of the folded 1080mm * 430mm * 490mm has led to the absence of a suitable package on the market. Since Xiaomi wants to solve the pain point of the last kilometer, should we consider getting on the subway bus? What are the rules of public transport? A suitable collection bag is imminent.

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