Sony Xperia Touch short focus Touch projection experience

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More and more people are using digital products at a younger age. Everywhere in shopping malls and restaurants, children can be seen holding mobile phones and tablets to watch animation or play games. This will not only damage the eyes, easy to be too early on myopia, but also not conducive to the development of physical and mental health. However, it is also thanks to the rapid development of digital products and the network, so that the traditional way of education for children has been greatly optimized, a variety of early education APP springing up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, so that children learn in entertainment.

As a parent, in order not to let the child lose in the starting line, I also use iPad installed a few early education APP, each day to give children a limited time to learn. But in the actual use of the child will be found to be involuntarily closer and closer to the screen, is very worried that it will hurt the eyes. So the wallet bleeding time has come, a comprehensive comparison of several solutions on the market, the final choice of Sony Dafa Xperia Touch.

[how to avoid hurting your eyes]

The way to avoid a child’s eye injury is actually very simple-using a projection. Traditional TV all uses self-luminous principle, can be grudgingly understood is a color bulb, although at present some LCD TV has filter blue light, do not flicker screen function, still have certain stimulation to the eye, do not recommend a child to watch for a long time

Projection is the use of the principle of reflected light, first projecting the screen onto the curtain and other media, and then reflected to the eyes by the curtain, this principle is just like the daily see of the natural light, the damage to the eyes is greatly reduced. Therefore, if you have to let your child watch some video content, it is highly recommended to use projection.

[disadvantages of Home projection]


So I tried to search for “Touch projection,” and it was there. But with the exception of Skyworth and Sony, none of the other brands has been heard of, and Skyworth seems so cheap. I have seen the evaluation of the article before the value of friends know that I am not short of money, so a one-step approach to the Sony Xperia Touch short focus touch projection.


The main body of the Sony Xperia Touch is wrapped on three sides by a tuhao gold metal mesh, and the overall look has a sense of quality. A black panel with a vertical bar on the front integrates a number of cool techs sensors to perform somatosensory operations similar to those of the PS4.

The top dot is the switch, the bottom is the 13 million pixel camera, and down is the human infrared sensor, which is combined with the infrared sensor to capture the operator’s movements and gestures.

At the bottom of the panel is the NFC, ‘s ability to swap files with Android phones that also have NFC, plus a microphone. In addition to these visible sensors, there are accelerometers, an electronic compass, a GPS, a gyroscope, a barometer, a temperature and humidity sensor, and so on, which are more complete than the sensors of a mobile phone. At the same time, the maximum support for 801.11ac standard WiFi, 4.2 Bluetooth and Miracast.

On the other side is the projection lens, which adopts the SXRD trichromatic LCD shutter projection system with periscope structure. The projection resolution is 1366 x 768 and lumens is 100. The parameters seem to be somewhat low, but due to the short-focus desktop projection, the actual use of the impact is small.

At the bottom of the SONY LOGO is a small, apparently separate panel with an infrared sensor inside, which enables 10:00 touch in desktop mode.

The bottom surface is made of skin-like material, which can increase the friction with the desktop and put more steadily. The microSD card slot on the corner can expand the capacity of the fuselage. In fact, as long as there is a home NAS, it does not matter how large the capacity of the local machine.

The last one is the bottom edge of the tabletop mode, which is made of golden plastic and has four corners equipped with rubber anti-skid pads.

The round hole in the middle is supposed to be the screw hole of the fixed bracket. In fact, it is a sensor that monitors whether the projection is on the desktop. Once the projection leaves the desktop, it is closed immediately to prevent the child from accidentally touching the eye.

There is a detachable bumper at the edge, which, when removed, contains the nameplate of the product, which Sony defines as a “smart terminal.” On the side, there are two interfaces, USB Type-C and Mini HDMI, which supply power through USB Type-C.

Finally, the dimensions are 7 x 13 x 14 cm, which is only slightly larger than the TV box.

[user experience].
“Desktop mode”

First, try Sony Xperia Touch’s feature, Desktop projection, by placing it on the edge of an Ikea MAMMUT children’s desk to create just the right image to fill the table.

The operating system is native Android 8.0, but one small problem is that the system itself is not optimized for this particular form of product, mainly because it does not lock the screen horizontally, so that the APP is turned on horizontally and vertically, and even the Sony Select has a vertical screen. Slightly impinges on the user experience.

As for the sensitivity of operation identification, I have chosen two games which are sensitive to operation, one is fruit ninja, the other is sanxiao game. The operation is smoother in the process of using. There is no Catton phenomenon.

In the page view, I used words and graphs are more than the home page for testing, not only in the static font is clear and not fuzzy, but also in the drag without the tail of the problem.

Thanks to its 10 touch maximum, you can use gestures such as zoom and zoom in your mapping app, no different from the experience on a mobile tablet.

Because the Sony Xperia Touch is projected at a smaller angle on the desktop, it does not shine directly into the eyes of the child during normal use. And if the child mischievous also has the protective measure, the projection leaves the tabletop to turn off the light source.

Projection pattern

In addition to desktop mode, the Sony Xperia Touch can also be cast on a wall like a traditional projection. The control method is different from other projections, the traditional remote controller is replaced by gesture operation. The sensing range is within 4 meters, and the area of the gesture is within a 50-degree angle centered on the projection.

The first gesture is to hold up the index finger for 1 second. There will be a dot icon in the screen. The cursor will move with the finger moving, and the finger will be ticked to click. It’s kind of like flying rats in the air.

The second gesture is for the cursor to move to the right position, the forefinger and thumb up to complete the selected and drag operation.

The third gesture is in music and video playback state, open the palm will exhale shortcut menu, to play, pause, volume adjustment and other quick operation.

Before the use of I also want to complain about the lack of standard remote control operation will be inconvenient, but only after the use of hand gestures than the remote control is also easy to use, move your fingers can be fixed.

In addition, there is a human hand gesture, just put the finger on the mouth can be directly into the silent state, if you want to remove the silence and repeat the action can be.

[summary of the full text].
Although Sony has not made it clear that the Xperia Touch is a product for children, in my opinion, its desktop touch projection function is simply tailor-made for early childhood education, solving the parents’ need to use the early education software to let their children win at the starting line. Also worried about mobile phones, flat screen damage to the eyes of the problem. When it comes to the shortcomings of the main focus on the system has not been optimized, the use of a lack of experience, the good thing is that this problem can be resolved through the later updates.

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