Take good care of your hair-Evaluation of VGO intelligent anion hairdryer

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3
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I believe everyone is familiar with the hair dryer, which is an essential part of daily life. When you take a bath / wash your head, you will pick it up and blow it out in order to avoid wet hair and wet clothes or affect your appearance when you go out. Let the hair dryer dry your hair quickly.
The hair dryer brand is complex, the different quality hair dryer also has the different influence to the hair quality. We often experience a cold wind that doesn’t dry quickly and a hot wind that makes our hair look hairy. Chance to see the VGO intelligent anion hair dryer, it is how in the case of not affecting the quality of your hair, so that your hair thoroughly moisturized up?



VGO can only use anion hair dryer box to prove the use of 1:1 product icon, at first glance a bit Dyson’s illusion, the appearance is very high.



Open the box, you can see the product body, VGO intelligent anion hair dryer a total of two colors, respectively, the star gray and pearl white two colors, I have this color is the starry sky gray.


Sandblasting process of metal material, feel very texture, and bring better appearance.



The end of VGO intelligent anion hairdryer body has fan blade. Through constant temperature control, it can control the temperature quickly and effectively, so as to prevent the hair from drying because of the high temperature. At the same time, it can make the hair change shape and bend because of the static electricity brought by the comb.



VGO anion hair dryer outlet is unique, the entire cross section is the air outlet, compared to the traditional hair dryer outlet area increased 200%. The key at the top of the handle is mainly to switch hot and cold wind, below is the wind speed control switch, the operation is very simple.



Like the common hairdryer, the VGO intelligent anion hairdryer also does not require independent accessories, power integration, petite size more convenient for daily carrying.



When using different hair dryers, decibels will also be different. The lowest decibel is 74dB at the lowest level and 90dB, VGO at the highest level. The lowest decibel is 64dB at the lowest level and the 90dB is at the highest level when the intelligent anion hairdryer is at the lowest level. VGO is a bit better than the average hair dryer. .


After using the VGO intelligent anion hairdryer, the first feeling is that the hair after drying is much softer, and there is no hair irritability when using the ordinary hair dryer. VGO hair dryer is specifically for women’s hair thick and difficult to blow-dry features, built-in strong DC motor, digital chip and temperature sensor, in the turn on the hairdryer instant temperature closed-loop detection and temperature control. Let hair evenly heated to achieve the most natural drying effect.

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